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Thread: Save Our Cards! Promote Matheny and Mo!

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    Save Our Cards! Promote Matheny and Mo!

    .....cuz you damn well know neither will be fired! Find new positions! Mowtie has had a good run but like most good runs there's always an end. The farm looks promising in some areas, nothing to be embarrassed about. Matheny could be promoted to modeling all upcoming alternative can be assured as pitch man he can make even the ugliest uniform look good.

    As for Mo, assign him President of phase two of Ballpark Pillage! Name a coffe shop within after him while tying the DeWallets, call it MoBucks!!!

    Bring back Mac! Big Mac that is as manager. Bring Jim Edmonds down several levels as co-manager and hitting coach. Keep Lilli
    As pitching coach...ask Chris Duncan to come in as defensive coach (he'd be an improvement) only as a way lure Poppa Dunc in as a bench coach/bullpen coach....Get Oquendo's ass back in at third base (and some here thought he was bad).....keep Marmol at first base (seems Jose likes him....mentor/student)!!!!!

    Too bad Gump will be gimping for a few more years however cuz no matter what smart fans see, the DeWallets see 3.4 million tickets sold!
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    The farm is okay, but the only guys that are really standing out offensively thus far are Kelly, Voit, and Mercado. Having Mercado lead our minors offensively doesn't give me warm and fuzzy feelings about our future.

    On the surface it appears that we may have a LOT of guys down there that strike out a lot but rarely walk. Kelly seems to lead the system in walk-to-strikeout ratio.
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    It's time for the faction to get a drone to fly around the city with a "Fire Matheny" banner.

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    I think things are kind of set for a while. Moe and Mike have gathered a core group of players, hand picked and given contracts that remain thru the end of Mike's extension:

    Matheny: 2020
    C. Mart: 2021
    Leake: 2020 (2021 opt.)
    Cecil: 2020 (I can hear how Mike and Moe are discussing needing a durable lefty for a long term period)

    Yadi (c): 2020 (He is a legend and the fans wanted him to remain a Cardinal)
    Carp (1b): 2019 (2020 opt.)
    Wong (2b): 2020 (2021 opt.)
    Gyorko (3b): 2019 (2020 opt.) (though, you know, he might be a trade option because he seems more like a hired hand)
    Fowler (CF): 2021 (Moe and Mike needed a table setting clubhouse guy)
    Piscottty (RF): 2022 (2023 opt.)

    It all seems to center around 2020 (salaries from the player's baseball reference pages). Plus the Cardinal organization under this leadership never seems to fire people. It would be nice if things change, but, Moe and Mike really seem to have targeted certain players thru contract extensions and free agent signings. I maybe like half of those players (Leake is a surprise this year) as cornerstones.
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